Adult contemporary twinkles in obsidian space
Veneer harpsichord pastures shattered
by that ivory checkered hole in your tiny little face
Twenty-two pounds of audio terrorism
bundled in infant profanity, bleeding my ears
wrapped in freshly soiled cotton

What do your nightmares show you?
Visions of failed travels toward truth?
Atrocities requiring atonement?
Ancient sins?
Is this isolated dormancy behind bars
reminiscent of man-made redemption...
with finer fare?
Is this your next chance?
Are you missing the heart reaching out
from the last set of eyes to meet yours?
Did that heart have the decency to pull the cord
Did they make you feel something
before you saw the light?


Welcome back to the present


Old consciousnesses recedes
with every interval of day
New awareness making room
No need to panic and cry
Just their memories dripping away
from fresh set of eyes

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